On a cold winter's night

All alone in his cell

Sat the imprisoned Thief

Where the naughty ones dwell.

He plotted and plotted

Sugar plums were no use

He had to get out

He had to break loose!

In another part of town,

Looking bright and quite dapper,

In a room full of ribbons

was the Department Store Wrapper.

He wrapped and he wrapped

The final gift was complete:

A present for someone

He'd yet have to meet!

Back at the Candy Prison

Panic was running about.

The Thief had eaten the bars

and licked his way out!

And when the Wrapper looked down

his foundation was shaken.

The wrapped package was gone!

The gift had been taken!

Outdoors in the forest

Amongst the snow and the ice

Waged a war for the gift

Between Naughty and Nice.

A fight for the right,

Which is never forsaken,

That gifts are to be given

And not to be taken!

So just how do you detain a Christmasy Thief?

You trap him inside a Christmasy wreath!

(I know that doesn't quite rhyme, but get into it. It's Christmas!)

And when the Wrapper realized

that they had just met

He decided this Christmas

he'll forgive and forget.

So he gave the Thief a present

Without a box or a bow

The gift of a friend; someone to know.

A fellow to call on.

A chum to trust.

A new friendship to cherish;

A holiday must!

And the Thief, without thieving

Took this present to heart

And learned that love

Is a gift not an art.

And throughout the years

Though the fought

once or twice (maybe thrice)

The gift kept on giving

Such a poetic device!

And if you missed this short story

This rhyme should suffice:

That there's joy in gift giving,

And between Naughty and Nice!